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Material Selection Waiver:


Natural stone has mineral characteristics that create a visible texture within the stone and this texture is to be expected in the finished condition.

All-natural stones are subject to inherent variations known as inclusions. Inclusions may be reflected by differences in color, shading & veining, and they can include but are not limited to; mineral deposits, pitting, fissures, and dry veins. In addition, areas of epoxy fill are a normal part of the natural stone finishing process. These natural, and man-made occurrences can be felt to the touch, and they are inherent in certain parts of natural stone.

Natural stone can also be subject to a resin-treated finish which may cause a change in color, shining, and shading.

We encourage all clients to view their material prior to it being installed, as the actual material may vary slightly from the sample provided. Pitting, dry fissures, unusual veining, areas with high, or low concentrations of color, variable areas of polish, and variations of shade, pattern or color within the same are inherent in natural stone and therefore are not acceptable reasons for rejection of the stone once it is installed. Customers who view any of the unique characteristics as defects, may want to select a stone material that contains fewer of these characteristics.

To waive your option to view the material check here: ____

I hereby waive my option to preview the material which will be used for the above-referenced order. In doing so, I agree to accept the slab fabricated as chosen for me by GerrityStone.

To exercise your option to view the material prior to production check here: ____

I hereby exercise my option to preview the material which will be used for the above-referenced order. GerrityStone will use the slab of my choosing in fabrication.


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