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Please review the below checklist to ensure that you are prepared for the template process:

● Cabinets receiving countertops must be permanently installed & level

● Sinks to be used in countertop must be onsite

● If using a farmers sink it must be installed in its permanent place prior to our arrival

● Stoves must be onsite, whether you are using a freestanding or a slide in

● If using a cook top it must be onsite including any special cook top vents

● Faucets, soap dispensers, sprayers, other accessories requiring holes must be at site


The below checklist is to ensure that you are prepared for our return to install your newly purchased countertops:

● Existing countertops must be removed prior to our arrival if you have not contracted GerrityStone to complete this for you.

● Any and all existing plumbing, electrical and/or gas must be disconnected prior to our arrival. (GerrityStone does not offer utility disconnect or reconnect services)

● Gerrity installers will mount your sink to the underside of the stone

● Faucets & other accessories must be onsite for our installers to drill and verify hole sizes and locations

● Homeowner or appointed contractor must be onsite for the installation